Walkers Street is an initiative by Rungreen Foundation where we invite residents of Lucknow to come on street every sunday morning with their family to enjoy healthy life in pollution free environment and enjoy fun activity with our ambassadors. We want the road to be no vehicle zone  for an hour where residents can enjoy different kind of activities on the street with healthy vibes.

Activities People can enjoy

There will be activity zone where different kind of fun and sports activities we will conduct like Running/walking

  • Cycling
  • Sketing
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Competitive activities for Kids like Sketching, Singing,Etc

Walkers Street will be a platform where any body can showcase their talent and skill to the community and can also be a part of this initiative by educating others. As it is initiative for the community so there will be no charge.   

Walkers Street in Association with Lucknow Government

For this initiative we want support from administration and police as the activity will be organized on the road in different location of Lucknow every Sunday morning. So we want the road to be diverted for traffic and monitored in the Morning 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM 
We can also educate community by promoting different social and civil issues which are been faced by the administration and police like, road safety, women safety, education, women empowerment, etc. among the community as it will be a good platform. By this initiative we built healthy and happy community

Requirements from Government for this initiative

  1. We want a 1 km stretch of the road to be diverted from traffic and monitored by the police for safety and security of walkers and to maintain law and orders.
  2. We want an ambassador from administration and police department to be a part of this initiative as it will bring confidence among the residents of the society to come out of their house and be a part of healthy society.
  3. We want barricading or cones from traffic police to segregate the area.
  4. We want police support to identify the area where we can conduct this initiative as we want to do it every sunday.
  5. We want to do it for 4 sundays in one area then next 4 sundays in some other areas.

What benefit this initiative brings to Society

Walkers street is not just a initiative it’s a concept that can help society by addressing the various issues of the society like Healthy living, pollution free society, social responsibility, Civic sense, etc. In this digital era people are very busy with their social media life but they are not aware of  what happening in their city and around them, They are ignoring various issue like healthy living, social issue and their responsibility towards the society.
The vision behind Walkers street is to build Healthy and happy Community by bringing community closer.

  1. Being a part of Walkers Street one can be a part greater cause to build good community.
  2. Walkers street is a platform where we encourage startups by  giving them opportunity to showcase their product and take a step to build the dream “Make in india” of Our Honorable Prime Minister.
  3. Walkers Street will encourage use of Green Energy as we are not allowing any vehicle in our confined area of activity.
  4. Walkers street encourage people among the society to showcase their skill/Talent and help others who want to learn that skill.
  5. Walkers street wants community to be more responsible towards society by using alternative mode for transportation like buses, metros, cycle etc and plant trees to save environment.

Benefit of Association with Walkers Street

Walkers Street is an initiative of Rungreen Foundation who is working for healthy and greener future by doing various initiative like plantation, Education of Unprivileged Children, Health Checkup camps and also organising various fitness activities like running and cycling and other initiatives also.

Any corporate can be a part of Walkers Street though their Consumer Social Responsibility Funds. As it will develop good image of their brand among the society. Which will benefit them directly in broader aspects. As walkers are their customers and if they find that any brands being a part of any good initiative that will build a trust within the customer for that brand. 

  1. We can do various integration with companies which will help to build their brands.
  2. Brands or Startup can showcase their products but cannot sell it at walkers street.
  3. The purpose for integration is not to make any profit but to provide a platform where small    startups or brand who cannot reach to community can interact directly with them. Which will help to build their product or brand.
  4. We are inviting various brands to come and be a part of this initiative and interact with their customers directly and get their feedback.