Rungreen Business Venture Pvt.Ltd.

About Rungreen: We are an organisation that believes that mental well-being is also connected to physical fitness. We also work towards achieving a population and creating a positive, friendly workspace that will create better work ethics and overall growth towards development.  We have left our mark in the corporate sector through various events that we brought up. In 2015 we started working in the sports industry, focusing on platforms for running events. We organized multiple competitions and venues all these years to magnify the importance of fitness and exercise in each one’s life. Recently, we have moved into our second essential and fast-growing venture, BunkChamber. Deals And manifests with hospitality services which gather its importance at the same rapid rate as Rungreen.

“A healthy mind is a more efficient mind.” This is a common saying, yet only a few corporate fields or companies follow this, and therefore the most increasing rate of sickness is being found in the corporate sector. A healthy and happy worker will be more productive and take fewer sick leaves than one constricted amidst the office’s four walls. Therefore, we encourage our employees to be physically active to improve retention capacity and build a work culture that cares about the employee’s physical and mental well-being. This would lead to employees feeling more motivated and energised and create a peaceful and cooperative work environment with the company as its friend. This will, of course, make the employee himself more work-oriented and engaging towards his colleagues.

Our Mission and Vision​


  • When we think about doing something to save the environment, we think of the  depleting natural  resources, we think of environmental  pollution, deforestation,  endangered plant and animal species and we wonder how to contribute to saving  nature. We think of these as very big problems and solving them, we think, is beyond our  capacity. Big problems – yes, they are. But thinking it’s impossible to solve them is where  we go wrong. We hardly bother to do anything in that regard. There are so many simple  ways to save the environment. We just don’t pay attention to them. We just don’t think  we can do anything or that we should​
  • As industrialisation and globalisation are its peak, the time is incremental to think of  Mother Nature and give back to maintain balance​
  • Our objective is to plant as many trees as possible through engaging and fun filled events​
  • This is a way of creating a symbiotic environment for flora, fauna and mankind alike​
  • Running is the best way to stay healthy and planting saplings might be the best way of  keeping our environment healthy​
  • If both these activities are brought in sync, it may just change what future holds for us,  steering in the right direction​
  • Recycle and reuse – whatever and whenever you can. This is the best measure to save  the environment. A simple way to do this is to reduce the use of rubber and plastic.  Instead we use paper bags and Paper Cup.​

Rungreen- Our Past Events

​In the field of fitness we are the well Known name we have organised various events.​

Our Past Events

  • Ultrawarrior Rishikesh Edition Feb 2019(Total Number of Participant: 90)
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital Edition May 2019(Total Number of Participant: 115)
  • Ultrawarrior Chail Edition Aug 2019(Total Number of Participant: 110)
  • Ultrawarrior Lansdown Edition Sep 2019(Total Number of Participant: 125)​Lucknow Run 2nd Edition Virtual Run Nov 2020(Total Number of Participant: 3500 All across india)
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 2nd Edition Nov 2020(Total Number of Participant: 165)​
    Circuit Lucknow Run Jan 2021(Total Number of Participant: 150)​
  • Lucknow Ride 100 KM, 50 KM 4th Apr 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 200)
  • Lucknow Run 3rd Edition 31st Oct 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 1000+)
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 3rd Edition 19th Sep 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 100+)
  • Ultrawarrior Kathgodam Hill Ultra 26th Dec 2021(Total Numbers of Participants: 70+)
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 4th Edition 22nd May 2022(Total Numbers of Participants: 150+)

And other​ Corporate Event(Employee Health and Fitness activities)

Reliance, Deloitte USA, Kronos Technologies, Apollo Tires, Indian Oil, HCL Technologies, Indian Army, Reserve bank of India, Dabur, DLF, Hero Moto Corp, Indus Tower, HDFC Bank and many more