Ultrawarrior is an fitness initiative organized by Rungreen Foundation all across the Country

Rungreen- An Initiative

We are young dynamic team who are passionate about fitness initiatives making it adventurous  for those who would accept it, with eco-friendly events to offer.​

The main concept behind the Ultra warrior is to create awareness about health and  fitness within the society and through this initiative our motive is to make community more aware  toward the nature by organizing plantation drive and making society a better place for us and our  future generation.​

​As the saying goes:” Life begins at the end of the comfort zone.”​

Ultrawarrior offer remarkable route courses that will throw challenge even to the most experienced  runners of his/her time. Be ready to push the mettle inside you. We have the marathons conducted at different geographies in India.​

​We here at Ultrawarrior believe in tapping an individual’s maximum potential and having tapped on  many nascent territories in terms of sports, we are very enthusiastic in bringing our ethos and  healthy living paradigms to people Whilst running in the natural environment can be great for the  mind and soul, it is also potentially good for the body!​