Lucknow Run 2022

We organised the Lucknow run 2021 with massive turnovers, and it became one of the most significant events to take place in the City. It had seen over 1000 + participants, with runners who wanted to express their passion, and booked early slots. We had world-class amenities with the best health and safety measures standards in Lucknow. The participants received brand t-shirts, medals, refreshments, timing chips, and certificates to make their participation memorable. The race had various categories, including 3 km, 5 km, 10 km, and 21 km half marathons. People registered in multiple categories, and the results on the final day were genuinely memorable and exceptional. We were humbled to witness people show this kind of love and support and hoped for an even better event the following year.

Madurai Half Marathon

The Madurai Half Marathon will be organized by “Rungrenn Business Venture Pvt. Ltd.” every year for the people of Madurai keeping in line with our mission to curate experiences that replenish, reinvent, and reconnect​. The Motive of this run is “Run for Change” to bring the change within the society by spreading the awareness of healthy living through running. Every Major City of the Country has its own annual running event, Madurai being the temple city of the country should also have it’s own annual running event to spread the message of healthy living with traditional belief. This annual marathon is an excellent opportunity to take a step towards a fitter India and to interact with others who have similar interests and access to nutrition, fitness, and training tips. After Successful execution of Pinnacle Madurai Half Marathon in 2022 with more than 2000 participants, This year, we are organizing this run on 13th August 2023.

Past Event Executed Successfully

Rungreen as an sports organization has executed many event all across the country

  • MCM 2015 Gurgaon
  • LCHM 2016 Lucknow
  • Deloitte Corporate Run 2016 Gurgaon
  • Reliance 2016 Sasan
  • Freedom Ride 2016 Lucknow
  • Kronos Run 2016 Noida
  • Stadium Run 2016 Delhi
  • MCM 2016 Gurgaon
  • LCHM 2017 Lucknow
  • Deloitte Corporate Run 2017 Gurgaon
  • Madurai 10K Run 2017 Madurai
  • Stadium Run 2017 Delhi
  • MCM 2017 Gurgaon
  • LCHM 2018 Lucknow
  • Deloitte Corporate Run 2018 Gurgaon
  • Stadium Run 2018 Delhi
  • MCM 2018 Gurgaon
  • LCHM 2019 Lucknow
  • Ultrawarrior Rishikesh 2019
  • Parivartan 10K Run 2019 Kashi
  • Parivartan 10K Run 2019 Raipur
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 2019 
  • Ultrawarrior Lansdowne 2019 
  • MCM 2019 Gurgaon 
  • Lucknow Run 2020 
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 2020 
  • Circuit Run 2021 Lucknow 
  • Lucknow Ride 2021 Lucknow 
  • Uiltrawarrior Nainital 2021 
  • Lucknow Run 2021 
  • Ultrawarrior Kathgodam 2021 
  • Ultrawarrior Nainital 2022 
  • Madurai Half Marathon 2022 
  • Ultrawarrior Mukteshwar 2022 
  • Lucknow Run 2022 
  • Ultrawarrior Kathgodam 2022  

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Binay Sah

Beautiful set of trails , well organized event of the best destination run along with family as run is designed under sub categories of 10km/25km/50km ...50km category has some technical patches as well + steep inclines , overall +3300 meter elevation make it one of the toughest trail in India with 3 ITRA ...I recommend “must do” for trail lovers

Sameer Nehra

Thanks to ultra runners, this was a unique one and the route was very beautiful and challenging. very well organized event with proper hydration and foodstuff. I have gained so much experience

Lucas Desilve

Recommend for ultra runners as route is beautiful and very challenging and race director also a very good ultra runner so he knows very well wat runners need

Dr Sangeeta (DRG)

Ultra Warrior Nainital experience was amazing. Try once runners . Route is Very Beautiful around nature

Dharambir (Kukrail Runners )

Rungreen is One of the best Sports events Company in India .They know the needs of runners

Bajrang (Founder of UNICOL)

Rungreen Business Venture has been organising ultra races in difficult terrains.. testing the limits of runners.. I had the opportunity of running two such races in the rugged terrain of Nainital mountains. It was an experience of lifetime.. when the broken ground under your feet and killing elevation challenged my spirit.. Shall look forward to running more such races.

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